Cool Features

prototyping and mockup and external URL and hotspot

Link different images and pages as hotspots

Link different images together

  • External URL
  • Video link
  • Tool tips with description
  • Choose different icon for hotspot
  • you can also choose if you hotspot should be shown as preview on hoover

prototyping and mockup and realtimenotification

Share and Get Feedback

We help you to create prototypes in minutes that look so real that you get valuable feedback before committing to a final solution.

  • Keep your distributed design team sync & track feedback from everyone on the team.
  • Get feedback on design much faster instead of sharing static mockups via email.
  • Provide precise feedback, point anywhere on the screen, mark area and provide comments.

prototyping and mockup and feedback

Multiple feedback types

Four type of feedback for better collaboration

  • Comment, to share generic opinion.
  • Suggestion, to offer opinion
  • Problem, to highlight the serious issue
  • Idea, get involve in creative thinking process

prototyping and mockup and versioncontrol

Version Control your design files

  • See all versions of your screens,view all feedback left on them
  • Show the progress and history of design to your client or stakeholders

prototyping and mockup and externalURL tooltip and hotspot

Create link template

  • Add frequently used hotspots as template
  • Apply multi-hotspots with a single click

prototyping and mockup and pdfExport

Export as PDF

  • Export to PDF all your feedback and conversations
  • Share it with customers or save it for reference

prototyping and mockup duplicate project

Duplicate project

  • Duplicate your design project and start changes instead of creating new

prototyping and mockup and email notification

Effective collaboration

  • Effective way to review the design with your customers or colleagues
  • Provide the ability to add comments, suggestion and highlight problems
  • Get instant email notification about each comment or replies

prototyping and mockup and dropbox

Dropbox integration

Easily drag and drop your design files to upload Use files directly from Dropbox

  • Create and compare multiple designs for single page
  • Suggestion, to offer opinion
  • Quickly create dynamic prototypes and collaborate with team members
  • Easily replace screens and switch modes

prototyping and mockup and zip export

Export project as Zip

  • Export all your project data as zip for future reference

prototyping and mockup and compareimages

Compare images side by side

  • Compare your design images side by side
  • Quickly see what changes are done in each screen

UI mockup in iframe

Interactive iFrame for your design projects

  • Embed your design on your portfolio or website as interactive iFrame
  • Copy & paste the iFrame code from your Concept.ly project to any desired location

About Concept.ly

Bring your mockups to life. Concept.ly is the best way to collaborate on design, build interactive applications with few clicks. It is owned and managed by VizTrend Ltd. , a Finland based company established in 2009.

Yodiz Team

Concept.ly is part of team behind industry leading team management solution Yodiz. It offers Scrum Tool, Kanban, Issue Tracker and real time collaboration platform. Checkout more details.