Features tour

Link Mockups

  • Drag onto any area of screen and convert into hotspot
  • Link hotspot to other screens in your project.
  • Create multiple hotspot links.
  • Press shift+click to navigate to linked screen
  • Convert mockups into live applications

Share and Get Feedback

  • Get Instant feedback on your designs
  • Point anywhere on the screen and write a comment or reply
  • Synchronize your remote teams on a single design
  • Share your project with anyone by just single click
  • Present your prototypes directly on web and mobile devices

Collaborate and win

  • Instantly invite team members to multiple projects
  • Threaded comments connect to a specific point on screen
  • Get email notifications for all the comments and replies
  • Link different pages in one click

Multiple feedback types

  • Four type of feedback for better collaboration
  • Comment, to share generic opinion
  • Suggestion, to offer opinion
  • Problem, to highlight the serious issue
  • Idea, get involve in creative thinking process

Yodiz Release Management view

Powerful and Rapid Prototyping

  • Easily drag and drop your design files to upload
  • Use files directly from Dropbox
  • Create and compare multiple designs for single page
  • Quickly create dynamic prototypes and collaborate with team members
  • Easily replace screens and switch modes


Changing the way wireframes are designed ,built and share. Amazing way to present an interactive prototype and collect feedback. An ultimate storytelling tool.

Convert wireframes and designs into interactive Apps! Bring your mockups to life. Share, collaborate and get feedback instantly. Create interactive applications- No Coding Engage customers and validate ideas faster. and get real time feedback

Perfect way to collaborate on design It's build with passion We cherish our customers It imparts resonating experience Collaborating is delightful We value your input Because of eclectic mix of features

Build Turn mockups into prototype, with a real-look & feel. It just works Design Design better - CODE later. Produce gorgeous app that look great Collaborate Share project with coworkers, clients and friends Iterate collaboratively iterate on prototypes .