We uploaded today the Concept.ly iPhone app for approval, hopefully it will be available in few days in App Store.

Concept.ly – Prototype tool for interactive Mockup & wireframe

Designing your iPhone app is as simple taking photos.
Designers and developers looking to create an iOS application, Concept.ly offers
extremely easy tool for creating clickable app.
In minutes create stunning prototype apps and collect feedback from your team, customer or just anybody.

Concept.ly helps you to simulate real application behaviour with navigations and gestures.

Simple work flow of Concept.ly

1 – Design sketches or take picture
2 – Link screen together
3 – Play as real app
4 – Share your app & get feedback

Concept.ly iPhone App Screenshots

ConceptlyProjectView ConceptlyLinks ConceptlyWorkflow ConceptlyShareWithOthers ConceptlyAllFeedback