We launch new and improved version of Concept.ly.
We introduced a best user experience with simplified navigation, which help you to work faster.
We hope you like New Concept.ly. We made it for you.

Features we release in this release

Completely new user experience

NewUI Conceptly

New Concept.ly UI

Concpt.ly UI Details

Concpt.ly UI Details




Save links as template and apply to other screen, extremely faster way to build prototype

How To Add Template in Concept.ly from Yodiz on Vimeo.


Background colour

You can choose background colour of your choice, to make your mockups more beuatiful and presentable

Concept.ly-How To Change Background Color from Yodiz on Vimeo.

Upcoming features

We are working on amazing new feature – “Share your mockup or design as Campaign”

  • Share your mockups/ideas as campaign. Increase your customer engagement, empower your users to shape up your coming product or feature.
  • Discussing earlier with customers help you to develop the product what customer desire.

Copcept.ly campaign will have following feature

  • Embed Concept.ly widget to market or announce upcoming or existing product / feature  in your web app or website
  • Share as campaign your product idea or new features with wider audience, using Facebook, twitter, linkedin, email, mailchimp
  • Get useful analytics, gain insights that matter to improve existing or create new product.
Concept.ly Coming Soon Feature Share Mockup idea or Prototype as Campaign