We recently release our fabulous tool Concept.ly,  for converting your ideas & mockups to reality. We are in beta mode and iterating faster by using lean principles. Concept.ly is a beutiful and powerful tool, build with love, from land of “Angrybirds”, we are very determine to provide the best  tool to comfort your concepting process, whether you are developing a new product or updating existing ones.

Cool features we just released

  • Updated feedback view with gorgeous pins
  • Fit-to-screen mode
  • Two template projects to get started smoothly
  • Some bug fixes

Details about our new cool features

  • Updated feedback view with gorgeous pins


Select any area which you want to give feedback, assuming you want to give feedback about the font size which should be enlarge, click on the area and drag, select the type (Comment, suggestion, problem, idea) of feedback

  • Fit-to-Screen View



Preview your app exactly how it look and work in reality, get a quick view and experience by viewing your screen in fit-to-screen mode

  • Bug fixes

Bug fixes which reported by users and found in our release testing