Collaboration & Prototyping Platform

Create fully interactive prototypes that look & work exactly like your app.

Share, Annotate and Get Valuable Feedback Faster Every image has a story, tell your story with

  • Precise feedback

    Point anywhere on the screen, mark area and provide comments. Makes it lot easier to get feedback.

  • Web & mobile prototyping

    Present your prototypes directly on web and mobile devices.

  • Images to clickable prototypes

    Making clickable prototypes for mobile & Web from static images that do the job well, save valuable coding time

  • Spend less time to communicate Vision

    Create your device-optimized vision in minutes that look so real. Get images, link and get design feedback in minutes.

  • Live Notifications

    Never miss any feedback, live notifications keep you on top of every project’s collaboration.

  • Embed iFrame

    Embed your design screens as iFrame in blog or anywhere on web. facilitate your
 Collaboration  Visualization!  Sharing

Awesome prototypes for any device Visualize your app before building it

mockup and prototype and feedback
prototyping mockup feedback and hotspot
mobile 	and web mockup and prototyping in iframe

Design smarter, Build better Seamless design communication, get rid of email threads and collaborate smoothly.

Design Anywhere

In minutes bring up working app. Use Photoshop, Mockup tools or simple image file, it works with all!.

Build Clickable Apps

Upload design files from anywhere, stitch them together in few clicks and get working app for web & mobile.

Iterate Design

Instant feedback loop, with ability to mark specific areas and provide four types of feedbacks.

Engage Customers

Single click sharing Get precise feedback Collaborate in realtime!

prototyping and mockup and feedback notification

Live Notifications

Never miss any feedback, live notification on design keep you on top of every project.

Get notified on variety of events like

  • When new screen uploaded
  • Someone commented on your design.
  • You get a reply on your feedback.
  • Screen get deleted .
  • A new project is created .

Feedback Types

Choose the feedback type of your choice, to have more precious level of feedback.

  • Suggestion: Small suggestion also count.
  • Problem: Identify it early in design
  • Comment: Faster and easier way to share your opinion.
  • Idea: Produce change in design.
prototyping and mockup and feedback type
prototyping and mockup and versioncontrol

Design History.

Keep track of the previous revisions of your design. See how design has evolved, revert to previous version and see all feedback any time of design workflow.

  • Stores all versions of same image.
  • Make any older version as current.
  • Keep track on design evolution.
  • Share history with clients.

Add Annotations

Link images together, External URL, video link and hotspot.

  • Add video links.
  • Tool tips
  • and more.
prototyping and mockup and video and external link
prototyping and mockup embed in iframe

Share Your Design as Interactive iFrame.

Embed your design as an iFrame in web app or in blog, share it on social media .

  • Embedd iFrame anywhere.
  • Auto play all the images.
  • Allow anybody to provide feedback.
  • Powerful way to communicate story.
  • Get rid of image sliders.

Build iOS Prototype With Native Mobile App

Add Hotspots

Link screen together

Mockup as real application

View your mockup which like and feel like a real application

Preview hotspots

Preview the screens which are linked with.

Iterate faster

Build your mockup for various mobile sizes.

Every image has a story, tell your story with



Bring your mockups to life. is the best way to collaborate on design, build interactive applications with few clicks. It is owned and managed by VizTrend Ltd. , a Finland based company established in 2009.

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